Wednesday 14 November 2018

Low awareness of energy management strategies like DSR ‘is costing businesses’

Low awareness of energy management strategies like DSR ‘is costing businesses’

Low awareness of energy management strategies like demand side response (DSR) is costing businesses.

That's the verdict from npower Business Solutions, which suggests despite DSR potentially helping businesses reduce their usage during peak times, more than two-thirds of energy managers admit they’re not aware of its use.

The business says curbing energy use and reducing energy consumption to outside peak hours of demand will become an increasingly important way to reduce overall energy costs, which are tipped to rise by up to 45% by 2028.

The survey of senior decision makers, responsible for business energy resources, found that of those who were not currently implementing any DSR solutions, an overwhelming majority (73%) had no plans at all to introduce DSR to their business, with less than one in ten (8%) planning to do so in the next twelve months.

npower Business Solutions says this isn’t surprising, given that only 22% of those surveyed felt they had some understanding of DSR and how it could be used by their business.

The research conducted by YouGov also found that energy managers feel uninformed about the effect that rising non-commodity charges may have on their business, with 58% are either fairly or completely unaware or unsure about the possible impacts.

Wayne Mitchell, Director of Energy HQ at npower Business Solutions, said: “In the coming years, energy costs will rise sharply. It’s more important than ever to adopt energy management practices, such as Demand Side Response. DSR can help businesses in every sector to reduce and manage their energy costs flexibly, so it’s important for decision makers to become more aware of the value it can bring to their organisation.

"To demonstrate how DSR and other energy management practices can help to manage non-commodity costs, we recently launched an online tool called Cost Predictor. This tool gives businesses a tailored view of how they are likely to be impacted by rising costs and how these can be mitigated through practices like DSR.”

Check out the DSR Clinic from Energy HQ here.

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