Friday 9 November 2018

Zero emission motorcycle enters the race

Zero emission motorcycle enters the race

Energica and Samsung have teamed up to create the Bolid-E Electric Motorcycle Prototype.

The motor company and technology firm have teamed up to create the smart, zero emission vehicle, which aims to provide increased rider safety and deter theft through integrated smart technology.

The clean electric vehicle (EV) uses intelligent mirrors with two integrated cameras to record and analyse images in real time and warn the rider of any developing hazards and obstacles ahead.

The bike can link with the Samsung Galaxy Watch to provide its owner with information regarding the ride and whether the bike is being tampered with, at which point the owner can activate the horn.

The watch app also directs the rider towards the closest charging station and can be used to manage the process of refuelling with electricity.

The companies said: "In Italy, a country where motorbike market is growing, urban mobility on two wheels is a crucial subject, not only with a view to reducing emissions and easing traffic but also in terms of technological development for the introduction of innovative solutions for motorcyclists.

"The collaboration between Samsung and Energica, the first Italian manufacturer of electric motorbikes, fits into this scenario."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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