Friday 12 October 2018

KiWi Power Develops & Launches a Portable Power Meter

KiWi Power Develops & Launches a Portable Power Meter

KiWi Power is proud to announce that it has developed a portable version of its Demand Response enabling hardware, the KiWi FRUIT. The portable FRUIT meter is designed to be temporarily installed on a client’s site to measure the electrical load on the site’s high-demand assets and to provide an accurate availability report that will provide a more reflective view of the overall Demand Response potential.

The FRUIT Power Meter enables both KiWi Power and its clients to understand any potential discrepancies between nominal values, and actual measurements prior to the client signing up for a Balancing Services programme like Frequency Response.

It was designed to measure electrical load for a minimum of 2 weeks. However, it may be necessary to monitor a particular asset’s load for a longer duration of time to minimise any uncertainties that are affected by a site’s processes.

The FRUIT Power Meter is a plug-and-play portable meter – the installation of which can be done with direct support from KiWi Power’s Engineering and Delivery Team, or remotely with an installation guide being provided for on-site Engineers to carry out the installation (this will include OEM manuals and FRUIT electrical wiring schematics).

Hardware Information: 

The portable FRUIT Power Meter comes complete with the following hardware:

    • Plastic casing (510mm x 400mm x 200mm)
    • 1x FRUIT metering unit (for measuring 3-phase power)
    • 1 x FRUIT Core
    • DIN-rail mounted MAGNELAB RCS 1800 CT converter
    • DIN-rail mounted 1 x 2 Amp single phase 230V MCB (for 230V auxiliary supply)
    • DIN-rail mounted 1 x 6 Amp 3-phase 415 MCB (for 3-phase voltage reference supply in the router once GSM signal tested)
    • RJ45 socket (connection to the client’s network)
    • 3 x rope CTs (complete with a 3.0m cable used for measuring current supplying the asset)
    • 2 x externally mounted antennas (either directly onto the casing or externally mounted)
    • Harting / Commando Plug / Socket Connector (located on the casing and used to connect 3 rope CTs and 3-phase supply to the meter)
    • Portable GSM signal analyser and selection of 3 SIMs (EE, O2 or Vodafone)
    • Installation Guide for Fruit Core and Metering Installation Guide Included (OEM manuals and Fruit electrical wiring drawings also included)

If you would like more information about this product or are interested in exploring the Demand Side Response potential of your site, please contact a member of the KiWi Power Sales Team today.

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