Thursday 11 October 2018

Nissan and EDF charge up battery collaboration

Nissan and EDF charge up battery collaboration

Nissan and EDF Energy have partnered to use end-of-life electric vehicle (EV) batteries for flexible power storage.

The companies aim to explore the business case for combining Nissan's second-life equipment with EDF Energy’s demand side response platform, Powershift.

The car manufacturer says millions of the batteries could be used to supply electricity to the grid and cut the UK's carbon emissions.

The system would see electricity stored in the batteries and released back to the grid to react quickly to drops in generation from intermittent renewables and to efficiently and cost effectively meet peaks in demand.

The combined system will be trialled to see how it can support on site generation, offer greater control over energy use and provide additional revenue streams.

Nissan says its old batteries have as much as 70% of their original capacity and more than 10 years of life remaining.

Beatrice Bigois, Managing Director of Customers at EDF Energy said: “The transition to EVs provides huge opportunities for businesses and households, which is why we are investing in the best technology and products to help consumers and business realise the associated benefits.

"In partnering with Nissan, we’re excited to explore new technologies and business models to make low carbon transport a reality now and for the future."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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