Thursday 11 October 2018

Air BP-Neste fly high with new sustainable aviation fuel partnership

Air BP-Neste fly high with new sustainable aviation fuel partnership

Air BP and Neste have joined forces to explore opportunities to increase the supply and availability of sustainable aviation fuel.

The partnership will bring together Neste’s knowledge of manufacturing solutions for producing and blending renewable jet fuel and Air BP’s expertise in developing efficient and effective supply chains.

The companies aim to develop a co-branded sustainable aviation fuel and bring it to market at airports across Air BP’s global network.

Sustainable aviation fuel is made by blending conventional, fossil-based kerosene with renewable hydrocarbons produced from recycled cooking oil, for example. It is then certified as ‘Jet-A1’ and can be used in aircrafts without requiring any technical modifications, reducing crude oil consumption and carbon emissions compared to conventional jet fuel.

Kaisa Hietala, Neste’s Executive Vice President in Renewable Products said: “Working together, we can find the best ways of developing robust supply chains to ensure that renewable jet fuel is more widely accessible. We expect our collaboration will not only be able to provide a solution to better matching supply to increased demand for renewable jet fuel but also delivers distinct advantages to airlines by significantly decreasing their environmental footprint.”

The aviation industry has set a target for carbon neutral growth from 2020 and a 50% reduction of net aviation emissions by 2050.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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