Thursday 13 September 2018

New taskforce to focus on smart tech to boost business resource efficiency

New taskforce to focus on smart tech to boost business resource efficiency

A new taskforce that aims to focus on the opportunities for smart technologies to boost business resource efficiency and bridge the UK’s north-south divide has been launched.

The Tech Task Force, convened by the Green Alliance and launched by Energy Minister Claire Perry yesterday, will bring together businesses and innovation bodies committed to “smart” clean growth to work out where policy can accelerate the adoption of technologies that could help boost their profits by reducing their environmental impact.

Its core mission is to address the regional productivity gap in the UK and will focus on four major sectors: energy, buildings, food and mobility.

Members of the taskforce include government-backed agency Innovate UK, automation industry body GAMBICA, the High Value Manufacturing Catapult and Schneider Electric.

Angela Francis, chief economist at Green Alliance said: “We know smart technology is a powerful way to deliver clean growth and bring business resource costs down but limited uptake is preventing UK businesses from realising those opportunities.

“To get politicians’ attention we have to show them how this can benefit blue collar workers in the midlands and the north of England, who have told them in no uncertain terms the economy isn’t delivering for them.”

Ms Perry is the headline speaker at Energy Live Expo on 31st October in London. To book your place, you can e-mail

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Bruna Pinhoni

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