Wednesday 22 August 2018

Diageo turns off the taps on water waste

Diageo turns off the taps on water waste

Ahead of World Water Week, drinks firm Diageo has announced it has improved the water efficiency of its distilleries and breweries by 40%.

It says at its Cameronbridge distillery in Scotland, it is now able to recover around two-fifths of the water used in the distilling process, saving enough to fill 246 Olympic swimming pools each year.

It has also installed new water conservation technology at its distilleries in India's Maharashtra State, enabling the re-use of up to 500,000 cubic metres of water a year and meaning 35% less water has to be extracted in the first place.

A £4.4 million investment project at the company's Uganda Brewery in Kampala, East Africa, which produces brands including Port Bell, Guinness and Tusker, means the firm can now return water to Lake Victoria at a higher quality than it was before.

These investments support Diageo’s 2020 targets to improve water efficiency by 50% and safely return 100% of waste water from its operations to the environment.

Ivan Menezes, CEO of Diageo, said: "Effective water stewardship is essential for the environment, for the economy, for communities and most importantly for future generations.

"Managing water responsibly is key to achieving our performance ambition and we are absolutely committed to finding better ways of managing water sustainably in each part of our value chain, wherever we operate."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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