Tuesday 10 July 2018

BP invests £1.5m in energy monitoring company

BP invests £1.5m in energy monitoring company

BP has invested £1.5 million in a company that has developed an innovative energy monitoring technology.

The energy giant said Voltaware’s device enables businesses to track their energy demand in detail, breaking the data down to demand from individual appliances.

It adds firms will be able to track the performance of individual machinery, helping them run their business more efficiently and provide preventative maintenance on appliances.

The data can be checked and analysed in real-time using an app.

The investment through BP Ventures is in support of its Alternative Energy strategy, which is exploring the impact digitisation will have on the energy industry.

David Gilmour, Vice President of BP Ventures said: “Real-time energy monitoring is growing in importance and the time is right for businesses to start adopting the technology. Voltaware’s produce gives customers access to more information and enables better choices. BP Ventures believes Voltaware’s offer to businesses could lead to far more efficient operations.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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