Monday 9 July 2018

Ozone-depleting chemical ‘tracked down to Chinese industry’

Ozone-depleting chemical ‘tracked down to Chinese industry’

Nearly 20 Chinese companies have been branded as responsible for the production of an ozone-depleting chemical damaging the environment.

That's according to researchers from the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), which alleges 18 different companies from across 10 provinces use CFC-11 as a blowing agent for the manufacture of insulating foams.

The EIA claims these "are not isolated incidents but common practice throughout the industry".

The scientists first noticed levels of CFC-11, which was banned globally in 2010, were significantly higher than expected, leading them to conclude new illegal production and use was occurring in East Asia's building and construction sector.

The organisation says it could do significant damage to the ozone layer, which is central to protecting life on Earth from damaging ultraviolet radiation.

Climate Campaign Leader Clare Perry said: “This is an environmental crime on a massive scale. How the Montreal Protocol addresses this issue will determine whether it continues to merit its reputation as the world’s most effective environmental treaty.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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