New hollow electricity poles ‘could cut wood use by 85%’

A total of 60,000 wooden electricity poles are needed in the UK every year

Net Hero Podcast

A new sustainable telegraph and electricity pole manufacturing technique could reduce wood usage by up to 85%.

Distribution Network Operator Northern Powergrid is calling on companies across the energy and construction sectors to support the development of start-up Pollywood’s new tubing.

The hollow poles are made by sustainably combining wood fibre and bio-based resins to make a long lasting, lightweight and cost-effective product.

The firm says its new technology could help deliver significant environmental benefits in new markets across the globe – whereas the wood from a single tree would usually create just one pole, now it can now be used to make up to seven.

Pollywood says the innovation will save more than 90,000 trees a year, reduce lead time for poles from up to 18 months to a week and help reduce carbon dioxide emissions from boats being used to transport wood.