Monday 14 May 2018

London law school rules in favour of water reuse system

London law school rules in favour of water reuse system

A law school in London is to adopt a number of sustainable measures including a water reuse system.

The City Law School, part of City, University of London, has selected management firm Waterscan to provide the equipment following a competitive tender.

Set to launch in early 2019, the standalone harvesting system will collect and store rainwater, filter it and reuse it for non-drinking applications such as toilet flushing.

It is expected to deliver cost savings of around £4,500 each year by slashing mains water usage.

The law school also plans to introduce a car-free zone, create secure cycle parking and plant trees.

Barry Millar, Operations Director at Waterscan, said: "The London Plan encourages the reuse of water and we worked through various options for this project including greywater recycling to intelligent attenuation.

"Tight space onsite led to us recommending and creating a bespoke combined rainwater harvesting and attenuation system: an exceptionally cost-effective solution when balancing spatial and environmental considerations."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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