Friday 11 May 2018

Energy UK launches project to identify future energy challenges

Energy UK launches project to identify future energy challenges

Energy UK has launched a new project to identify the challenges and opportunities of delivering a clean energy system able to meet consumer expectations.

The ‘Future of Energy’ aims to look ahead to 2028 to try and understand the possible roles that could be played by suppliers, generators and other players in the industry.

Along with the more than 100 of its members, the organisation plans to examine not only the specific challenges and decisions that face the industry and the country, not just in the power market but also in related sectors such as transport and heating.

It says meeting these future challenges and providing a system that consumers see as fair and giving value for money will be vital for the environment and the UK economy as a whole.

Lawrence Slade, Chief Executive of Energy UK, said: "The way we consume, generate and transmit power is changing rapidly - as shown by solar providing record levels of power over the past weekend and the UK recently going three days without any coal generation.

"However, enabling this revolution sets a number of challenges and questions for us all. It will require the funding and creation of different infrastructure and sources, a level playing field for the growing number of participants and most importantly fairness so that all customers, including the vulnerable, benefit from these advances."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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