Tuesday 8 May 2018

Smart energy system designs and demonstrators offered £41.5m

Smart energy system designs and demonstrators offered £41.5m

Organisations are being invited to bid for a share of up to £41.5 million for practical demonstrations of smart energy systems or to design new models.

The new business models should “intelligently” link supply, storage and demand in heating, power and transport.

Innovate UK is providing up to £40 million for three smart energy system demonstrators and the rest for studies into new, smarter approaches to local energy.

Demonstration projects must be based in a large UK location such as a medium-sized town.

Projects can be led by a business, university, public sector organisation or a research and technology organisation working with others and must include at least one SME, one academic organisation and a local authority or equivalent firm.

The funding is part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund programme, which aims to strengthen UK science and business innovation.

The competition is open and the deadline for applications is 25th July 2018.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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