Wednesday 25 April 2018

Gasification… it’s been around for a while!!

Gasification… it’s been around for a while!!

When it was first discovered that “town gas” could be manufactured by heating coal, peat or wood back in the late 18th Century, it created a revolution in street lighting and then in gas production and storage for domestic and industrial use.

Whilst lamplighters are no longer employed to walk the streets and light up our street lights, gasification is alive and well but the technology of the 21st century is not something that the early pioneers would be familiar with.

Using biomass materials, combustible wastes and even processed MSW, modern gasifiers can convert these materials into a hydrogen-rich synthesis gas (syngas) which is then used as an ultra-clean fuel to power large gas engines, generating both heat and electricity.

Refgas Ltd of North Wales is one such company at the forefront of this technology revival, with a process so clean and efficient that its modular combined heat and power (CHP) plants can be located almost anywhere local heat, cooling or electricity are needed. With each Refgas module generating 1MWh of electricity and 1.4MWh of heat and an ability to link multiple units together, large, industrial users can have their own, on-site power generation facilities.

Similarly, towns and villages can produce power from their own waste streams, and islands and remote locations around the world can become self-sufficient, using a variety of feedstock types ranging from crop residues, construction/demolition wastes or household waste.

Take a look at the Refgas Youtube channel at: to see just how practical and compact this generating plant is.

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