Tuesday 24 April 2018

Northern Ireland’s renewables sector calls for green action plan

Northern Ireland’s renewables sector calls for green action plan

The Northern Ireland Renewables Industry Group (NIRIG) has published a new low carbon energy strategy and called on the government to adopt a number of more ambitious green goals.

Its new report lays out a pathway to decarbonise the country's energy sector by 2050 and suggests setting a 70% target for renewable's share of electricity generation by 2030.

The NIRIG says a long-term plan is necessary to promote economic development and generate low cost energy for consumers while looking after the environment.

It adds Northern Ireland needs to make increasing use of energy storage, electric vehicles and flexible grid technologies, as well as focusing more on new skills and innovation.

The group also believes a review of the impact of Brexit on energy policy is needed.

NIRIG Chair Rachel Anderson said: "There’s an urgent need to plan for the post-2020 world in which clean energy will be an engine for economic growth.

"A more diverse, flexible energy mix will increase energy security, as well as generating cheap power for consumers."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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