Wednesday 4 April 2018

Slow start for England’s retail water market

Slow start for England’s retail water market

Only 35,000 business customers have switched their water retailers since the market opened in England last April.

A survey by Ofwat found while 120,000 – or 10% of eligible firms – engaged in the new business retail market during its first year in some way, less than 3% moved to a different supplier.

It also found 25,000 business customers looked at switching but decided to stay on their current deal, 10,000 renegotiated a new contract with their current provider and 15,000 are “actively considering” switching now.

A further 35,000 said they plan to engage in the market by April.

The survey also found 89% of large businesses and 48%% of micro firms are now aware of the water retail market.

The regulator adds customer satisfaction remains high at 77%.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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