Thursday 29 March 2018

Shell opens new UK hydrogen refuelling station

Shell opens new UK hydrogen refuelling station


Shell has opened the first car refuelling station in the UK with hydrogen under the same canopy as petrol and diesel pumps.

It has been installed at the Beaconsfield service station on the M40, delivered by ITM Power.

The hydrogen gas it supplies is generated onsite using an electrolyser that requires only water and electricity.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can travel up to 700 kilometres on a single tank and can be refuelled within a few minutes.

Michael Copson, Global Hydrogen Business Manager at Shell told ELN: “Hydrogen is one of the fuels that sits in what we call the mosaic of fuel mixes which is really around different solutions co-existing with one another. So we will see conventional gasoline and diesel co-existing with e-mobility and hydrogen. So we see hydrogen as one of the energy vectors that will take us to a low carbon future.”

He believes collaboration between energy and infrastructure suppliers, vehicle manufacturers and government is important to commercialising hydrogen on a large scale.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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