Chewing gum waste reincarnated as recycling bins

New bins made out of old chewing gum waste mean the sticky litter can enter a closed recycling loop

Net Hero Podcast

A new bin made of recycled chewing gum aims to stop the sticky waste littering the UK’s streets.

Gumdrop says it costs councils across the country £150 million a year to remove chewing gum from pavements.

The sustainable business recycles and processes old chewing gum into a range of new compounds that can be used in the rubber and plastics industry.

This compound is used to create Gumdrop’s pink receptacles, which are designed specifically for the disposal of waste chewing gum.

Once full, the entire unit and its contents are recycled and processed to manufacture new Gumdrops.

The company also collaborates with a range of factories and manufacturers to create other gum-based products such as wellington boots, mobile phone covers, stationary, packaging and shoe soles.