Monday 27 November 2017

Young Brit wins UN environmental award

Young Brit wins UN environmental award

A young British inventor has won a UN sustainability award for developing technology to grow plants using a tenth of the water and land normally required.

Adam Dixon won a Young Champion of the Earth prize, which rewards young people's big ideas to protect or restore the environment, for his hydroponic technology innovations.

He is one of six winners of the award from around the world.

The 25-year old's 'phytoponics' technology enables food crops to grow in water encased in a 100% recyclable polymer film, improving irrigation efficiency and reducing the amount of land use needed for horticulture.

Within a year Mr Dixon has built his company up to the value of £1.95 million and is supplying Europe's second largest producer of rocket salad.

He hopes it can be used in refugee camps to support the supply of fresh produce to thousands of people in what are often barren and unfertile locations.

Head of UN Environment, Erik Solheim, said: "The breadth of innovation and ambition shown by the inaugural winners is nothing short of exceptional and proof that we must continue to channel support to the world's younger generation for the solutions we need to secure a sustainable future."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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