Thursday 23 November 2017

High Court extends INEOS fracking protest injunctions

High Court extends INEOS fracking protest injunctions

The High Court has renewed injunctions prohibiting unlawful activities such as trespass or obstruction at INEOS Shale’s sites.

In a three-day hearing earlier this month, INEOS provided evidence of direct action at shale sites, which the company said is “dangerous to workers, local people and the protestors themselves”, however shale gas activists challenged the injunctions.

It also presented the court with evidence of the threats faced by its operations and INEOS alleges they also include intimidation and “even death threats”.

Tom Pickering, Operations Director at INEOS Shale said: “These threats are vile, abusive and frightening.

“Our people have the right to go to work free from fear of violence and unlawful interference. These injunctions simply protect INEOS and our people from hardcore activists who game the system and treat the law with contempt. Crucially, they also protect the rights of people to lawfully, peacefully protest.”

During the hearing, the defendants however said INEOS misled the court and they believe the injunctions are in contravention to the Human Rights Act.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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