Wednesday 15 November 2017

New Ofwat code to improve services for developers

New Ofwat code to improve services for developers

Ofwat has published a new code in an effort to improve services for developers.

Self-lay providers or developers enter into the code for adoption agreements when they want an appointed water and sewerage company to take over responsibility for infrastructure they have built.

The regulator has developed a single code that covers the adoption of both water and sewerage infrastructure, setting a framework within which companies must deliver adoption agreements.

It also places obligations on companies to work with their customers to develop, agree and maintain sector guidance.

Ofwat expects water firms to submit a recommendation for water sector guidance and a model water adoption agreement by 1st October 2018 and sewerage sector guidance and a model sewerage adoption agreement by 1st April 2019.

They are also expected to publish details of their current procedures for making, carrying or terminating adoption agreements by 15th January 2018 and provide customers with appropriate redress if they fail to meet current minimum levels of service by 2nd April 2018.

Emma Kelso, Ofwat’s Senior Director – Customers and Casework said: “This is an opportunity for the sector to demonstrate its commitment to providing a good customer experience for developer services customers, which in turn will support the government’s objective of housing growth.

“It will help ensure there is a level playing field for self-lay providers who compete with monopoly providers in the new connections market, allowing developers to enjoy the benefits that competition can deliver. And critically, it will enable water companies’ existing customers to continue to be confident that their company will only adopt quality, resilient infrastructure.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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