Tuesday 5 September 2017

London could see ‘charge rage’ if demand isn’t met for EV drivers

London could see ‘charge rage’ if demand isn’t met for EV drivers

London could see a “charge rage” epidemic if the demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging points is not met.

The warning from the London Assembly Conservative group comes as its report suggests the installation of charge points is occurring at an “unsatisfactorily slow rate” compared to the uptake of EVs.

It found the capital could have just one charger for every 15 cars by 2031 as EV registrations grow by 172% every five years.

Shaun Bailey, the environment spokesperson in the Assembly adds the charging points currently being installed, including the 1,500 recently announced by Mayor Sadiq Khan, are “standard” or “slow” speed, taking between six to eight hours to fully charge a vehicle.

He claims the US has already seen spates of charge rage, i.e. disputes among motorists competing over a shortage of charging points.

The report recommends the mayor to scrap his plans to expand the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone and instead invest some of the money in rapid EV charging points.

The Mayor's Office says he is introducing some of the world's "most boldest" air quality measures.

A spokesperson adds: “The number of charging points in London inherited from the previous mayor and government was shamefully low, which is why the mayor had made investing in more charging infrastructure a top priority ahead of the launch of the Ultra-Low Emission zone. On top of more rapid charging points, investment in 1,500 standard-speed on-street charging points will nearly double the amount currently in London.

“But we need the government to follow our lead and be more ambitions in tackling emissions. That’s why I’m calling on Ministers not only to introduce a fully-funded diesel scrappage fund to get polluting vehicles off our streets immediately but they must also step up their investment in charging infrastructure to ensure every Londoner can look at moving to electric vehicles over the coming years.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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