Wednesday 30 August 2017

Electric buses…stopping at a town near you

Electric buses…stopping at a town near you

The government has committed £11 million to bringing electric buses to towns around the country.

Local authorities and bus companies in Bristol, York, Brighton, Surrey, Denbighshire and Wiltshire have been awarded the funding under the government’s ‘Low emission bus scheme’ to help them buy 153 cleaner buses.

The successful bidders will use the funding to buy new electric and gas buses and to install stations to fuel or charge them.

The government is determined to clean up air in towns and cities across the country, this investment in green buses comes after its air quality plan was published last month.

Transport Minister Paul Maynard said: "Low emission buses are an important part of our plans to make motoring cleaner and improve air quality across the country. New greener buses will be more comfortable for passengers, they are cost efficient and are good for the environment."

London has already got dozens of electric and hybrid buses.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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