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Cut consumption, generate opportunities: the benefits of renewables

Cut consumption, generate opportunities: the benefits of renewables

How can Industrial and Commercial organisations gain certainty on their long-term energy expenditure, reduce their exposure to fluctuating power prices, create new revenue streams and gain a competitive edge? One way is to work with an energy supplier who can help them embrace the advantages of renewable power and sustainable energy services.

Lower carbon, higher income
The clear environmental benefits of the UK’s move towards a low carbon economy are also providing commercial opportunities for businesses.

To take just one example, Haven Power is helping its customers match their energy needs to wind and photovoltaic (PV) generators capable of producing renewable power on-site. This kind of arrangement allows companies to lock-in their energy costs for long periods – contracts of 10 years and more are possible – and avoid fluctuations in wholesale prices. The compelling result is reduced risk and improved cashflow.

In addition, we’re enabling organisations to sell the power they’ve generated to National Grid – through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) – and to explore the financial benefits of Demand Side Response (DSR). Both approaches bring in income that wouldn’t have materialised without a collaborative energy partnership being in place.

Use less, save more
According to consultancy Bain & Company¹, the right kind of efficiency program can help an organisation save up to 30% of its energy costs within three years. Savings may come from upgrading existing equipment (e.g. heating systems, boilers, pumps) or buying new versions – either way, future reductions in maintenance, materials and waste are likely.

Haven Power’s energy specialists can help customers to cut their electricity usage – and save money in the process – by using on-site observations and consumption data to inform the collaboration. The partnership could involve helping to identify where flexible energy use is possible, especially at peak-times, as well as recommending relevant income-generation options.
Building successful partnerships
By developing a closer relationship with our I&C customers – as well as consultants – we’re aiming to encourage corporations to embrace energy-efficiency programs. An effective energy efficiency plan can achieve more than simple money savings; it can enhance a company’s sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) credentials too.

Haven Power believes energy should be a driver for success rather than a drain on resources. That’s why our larger customers and consultants deal with a Relationship Manager who can help them identify and resolve their energy issues. By working together, we can develop – and execute – a tailored strategy designed to get results.

Customers who declare their carbon credentials through CDP and in line with the greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting regulation can also benefit from Haven’s sustainable energy solutions. That’s because one of the most effective ways to reduce emissions is to use low carbon fuel sources such as the renewable biomass electricity provided by Haven Power. Another benefit of switching to renewable energy is that companies can increase their appeal to people who prefer to buy from an organisation with a sound sustainability record.

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¹ “Hidden Treasure: Why energy efficiency deserves a second look” – Bain & Company

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