Saturday 8 July 2017

Shetland tidal energy project to be extended

Shetland tidal energy project to be extended

Plans to extend the tidal energy project in the Shetlands have been announced.

Scotland-based Nova Innovation is to lead a major new European tidal power project, heading a consortium of nine industrial, academic and research organisations across Europe.

The Enabling Future Arrays in Tidal (EnFAIT) project builds on Nova’s existing operational tidal power station in Bluemull Sound off the Shetland Islands in Scotland.

The project, which will run until June 2022, is a flagship initiative for the EU and marine energy and aims to increase the commercial viability of tidal power.

It will extend the Bluemull South array to six turbines, with the total cost expected to be €20.2 million (£17.9m).

The EU Horizon 2020 Programme will be contributing €14.9 million (£13.2m).

Simon Forrest, CEO of Nova Innovation said: “The project will make a major contribution to reducing the lifetime costs of tidal energy and will boost investor confidence by providing hard-edged analytics of commercial and operational performance to inform investment decisions.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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