Thursday 29 June 2017

Onshore wind provides quarter of Northern Irish power

Onshore wind provides quarter of Northern Irish power

Almost a quarter of Northern Ireland’s electricity is now generated by onshore wind.

That's according to the latest generation figures from Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks), which shows 1,029MW of onshore wind capacity is now connected in the country.

From April 2016 to March 2017, onshore wind generated 22.4% of Northern Ireland’s electricity, with total renewable contributions reaching 27.1%. Onshore wind makes up 78% of installed clean capacity.

NIE Networks says this year has already seen significant delivery of large onshore wind projects, representing £127.4 million of local investment.

In the UK as a whole, onshore wind currently provides 6% of electricity, so proportionately Northern Ireland is significantly ahead in terms of generation from the power source.

RenewableUK’s Executive Director, Emma Pinchbeck, said: "Renewable electricity is making a massive contribution to Northern Ireland, creating jobs, bringing inward investment and enabling local regeneration.

"Northern Ireland is making the most of its great onshore wind resources, embracing a mature technology which is now the cheapest way to generate electricity bar none, helping to keep consumers' bills down."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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