Monday 23 January 2017

Green hydrogen power for a rainy day

Green hydrogen power for a rainy day

A new technology means renewable energy can be used to turn rainwater into hydrogen fuel.

Clean Power Solutions' innovative new energy system uses excess power produced by wind turbines or solar panels to convert collected rainwater into hydrogen by using a process called electrolysis.

The gas can then be used to provide heating for properties or fuel to power vehicles. The emissions created from either use consist only of water vapour.

The company says it offers a solution to the problems of transporting relatively volatile hydrogen fuel to remote locations and allows businesses to make their own fuel on site, which they can use themselves or sell to other users.

This means a property could not only become energy self-sufficient but could also create new income streams for its owner.

Larger installations could potentially provide a satellite refueling point, much like a petrol station, it adds.

The modular system is self-contained in a 20-foot shipping container and is able to be moved from site to site as demand increases.

It is already being installed in the UK to take advantage of the roll out of hydrogen infrastructure across Europe.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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