Tuesday 17 January 2017

Couple fed up with ‘Big Six’ takes them on

Couple fed up with ‘Big Six’ takes them on

A Scottish couple plan to launch their own energy supplier after getting fed up with the 'Big Six'.

David Pike and Karin Sode are optimistic about hitting their total target of £450,000 after they quickly raised £18,000 in just a few weeks last year. They are currently at £67,720.

They say exploitation of consumers and a lack of transparency prompted them to start setting up "Our Energy", which they say will give 75% of its profit back to its customers.

The couple say business decisions, accounts and prices at each stage of the operation will be shared with the public.

The company will offer a 100% green tariff in addition to its standard deal.

Mr Pike said: "People in the UK have quite rightly lost trust in their energy suppliers. Why should we all pay higher prices just to line the shareholders' pockets?

"We want to bring democracy and transparency to the UK’s energy market and customers will never have to switch energy supplier again, as they’ll own the company and have complete trust in its practices.

"The big energy companies won’t chance their tactics anytime soon."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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