Wednesday 4 January 2017

Christmas brings three new UK wind energy records

Christmas brings three new UK wind energy records

What better gift for Christmas Day than three new wind energy records!

The 25th of December saw new half-hourly, daily and weekly records set as the blustery weather boosted wind generation and helped keep the fairy lights on, according to RenewableUK.

Wind supplied a new high of 41% of the UK's total power needs in a half-hour period on Christmas Day, smashing the previous record of 34%. Other renewables made up around 6% of additional green energy during this period.

The daily record was broken by a 32% supply from wind, surpassing the previous peak of 24%. Over the course of the day, renewables made up 42% of the total mix.

The week ending on the 25th also broke the record with a fifth of energy coming from wind sources, edging above the previous 19% record. Renewables provided 28% of the week's overall energy needs.

RenewableUK Deputy Chief Executive Maf Smith said: "The growth of wind energy across the UK over the past 25 years is a great success story which we can all be proud of. Renewables are now a mainstream provider of electricity, delivering low cost, reliable power to consumers not just at Christmas but the whole year round."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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