Saturday 24 December 2016

Scots lead UK with 42% of energy from renewables

Scots lead UK with 42% of energy from renewables

Scotland is leading the UK's green revolution, with 42% of its energy in 2015 coming from renewables.

This proportion of clean energy is an all-time record and is around double that of the other UK nations. In Wales, environmentally unfriendly coal made up the largest part of the energy mix at 33%.

Scotland had enough capacity in 2015 from wind, solar, hydro, tidal and other renewables to produce 59.4% of the country's requirements, up from 49.7% in 2014. This is another record figure for renewable generation in the country.

Jenny Hogan, Director of Policy at Scottish Renewables, said: "The latest figures underline the disproportionate contribution that Scotland is making to the UK’s efforts to clean up our energy system.

"We know that to fight climate change we must reduce the amount of carbon emitted by our energy sector, and renewables are doing just that.

"However, future progress is hugely uncertain, with large scale onshore wind, solar and hydro power all locked out of government schemes to support investment in new electricity generation capacity."

Scotland notably beat its emissions target for 2020 in 2014.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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