Friday 23 December 2016

ScottishPower to give free energy on Christmas day

ScottishPower to give free energy on Christmas day

ScottishPower is offering customers credit to their energy accounts on Christmas day.

Customers who have signed up to its new “Power Up” tariff will receive a £5 credit, giving them free energy on the festive day.

The company claims the tariff, launched in September, is the first in the UK that allows customers to ‘buy days’ of energy.

Christmas day typically remains the most expensive day of the year for consuming energy at home as more power-reliant gifts are exchanged and plugged in for those first few hours of charging, the firm stated.

According to a survey of its customers, the cost of energy on that day will be around £5.

The average home supplied by ScottishPower uses energy to the value of around £2.96 per day, although this can be higher in the winter months, it added.

Neil Clitheroe, Global Retail Director at ScottishPower said: “We want our customers to have even more control of over the energy they use, and how much they spend on their energy costs. PowerUp can let them do that. Much like filling up a car with petrol, we don’t tend to think about the litres in the tank – instead we think how much it has cost and how long it will last and we know that if we travel a bit further or faster than usual, that it will last a bit less than usual.

“This truly is the start of the age of personalised tariffs, and uses real consumption data to calculate a personal daily price. We believe it will encourage customers to be more conscious of their energy usage, because they will want to make their days of energy last longer.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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