Friday 2 December 2016

Hounslow Council appoints STC Energy

Hounslow Council appoints STC Energy

Hounslow Council appointed STC Energy to undertake bureau services for their corporate estate.

Part of the service includes monitoring of the solar panel array and storage facilities at Western International Market. This £2m scheme conducted by Hounslow Council involved the installation of 6,000 solar panels on Western International Market and is the biggest solar scheme carried out by any local authority. Hounslow are also the first council to adopt battery storage to maximise the power from the panels. The 1.73 megawatt array of 6,069 panels and four 60 kilowatt lithium batteries system now generates half the site’s required electricity. This solar power system will contribute 2% of the council’s carbon reduction target, cutting emissions by more than 780 tonnes a year. It has been estimated that within the first year, an overall saving of £255,000 is expected.

As part of their ongoing bureau service, STC receive data for the electricity generation and are able to inform Hounslow Council if there are any discrepancies that could indicate maintenance is required. The electricity generated by the solar panels is stored in connected batteries during the day so that power can be used at night, during the site’s opening hours from 2.30am. STC’s profile alerts service monitors this to ensure that electricity is being generated during daylight hours and will alert our energy management team if there are any issues.

Profile alerts are also an intuitive way to combat energy waste and other exceptional consumption patterns. Profile alerts are successful in identifying energy waste directly and in suggesting behavioural changes that can be implemented to reduce wastage. Profile alerts work for both small and large multi-sites that use HH, AMR electricity meters and data loggers, providing great cost and time saving opportunities.

This service is suitable for businesses complying with P272 and using electricity meters in profile classes 05 – 08. P272 states that affected businesses must use automated meters – and these meters must send regular half hourly usage data to energy suppliers.

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