Thursday 1 December 2016

Almost half of firms unaware of their energy spend

Almost half of firms unaware of their energy spend

Almost half of senior business managers are not aware of how much their companies spend on energy bills.

That’s according to a survey by E.ON which added a fifth of firms spend more than £250,000 per year on their gas and electricity.

The poll of 760 senior managers stated that 67% of them have no understanding of how their businesses buy energy and even who buys it and nearly half of them confess to have "limited understanding" of costs.

The report also revealed 53% of management boards have a "negative" or "neutral" response to the importance of an energy strategy and 48% thought there was a need for companies to have a short-term energy policy.

Despite the lack of understanding from the senior leadership in businesses, 68% of large businesses and 42% of smaller businesses admitted to have someone responsible for looking at energy strategy.

Around 76% of firms said they have a reduction strategy planned and 68% also have a thought-out compliance and legislation process.

Phil Gilbert, Director of Customer Solutions at E.ON for Business said: "For all businesses, there are opportunities to both implement more sustainable energy programmes and reduce internal costs. The energy buying process however just needs to be identified, understood and then explored in the right way by the business. We’ve seen dramatic change in many customers’ overall energy strategy that has both improved sustainable practice and also saved money in short and long term."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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