Tuesday 29 November 2016

Majority of German firms ‘focused on climate protection’

Majority of German firms ‘focused on climate protection’

A majority of German companies are making the effort to protect the climate.

That’s according to a survey, which found 75% of around 100 CEOs and other business participants, who have total revenues above €50 million (£42.5m), said they have made investments in climate protection in the last three years.

The renovation of heating systems and installation of energy efficient lighting have been the most important measures taken by German firms, it adds.

A third of the companies also streamlined their production processes and insulated their buildings.

The report from E.ON also highlights more businesses are using their own small-scale power plants in order to further reduce their electricity and heating costs.

The main focus is on co-generation plants in combination with solar heating systems and small wind generators.

Heinz Rosenbaum, CEO at E.ON Energie Deutschland said: "Energy and climate protection have become firmly established in the German business community's agenda. There's still significant room for improvement, however, in particular in the areas of power generation and storage."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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