Monday 7 November 2016

Encourage the good energy brokers that exist

Encourage the good energy brokers that exist

The industry should encourage the good brokers that exist and help make changes from within.

That’s the view of independent gas supplier CNG, which states it will only work with good brokers and those who do “good things”.

The comment follows news the code of practice for third party intermediaries (TPIs), which has had a long gestation period with Ofgem, is being ditched for now.

Plans to launch the standards were announced two years ago to protect business energy users from rogue brokers using unprofessional and misleading tactics.

Paul Waite, Sales and Marketing Director at CNG said: “Our experience shows us that customers want someone they can trust but more than that, they want to work with businesses that work in the right ways and do the right things.

“So what’s wrong with simply doing the right thing? If we’re fair to brokers and brokers are fair to their customers, surely that’s the best of all worlds? Do we need more consultations and lengthy documents to tell us to do something we all should be doing already?”

He believes fairness is about “so much more than trying to pull in more customers”.

Mr Waite adds: “We like to think of ourselves as ‘bigger than profit’. That will naturally come as a product of great customer service and as such, the world ‘fair’ should be woven into the very fabric we offer.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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