Friday 30 September 2016

Gas system long – DMR

Gas system long – DMR

The UK gas system has opened in length and is expected to close 8mcm oversupplied.

Demand is still below seasonal normal levels due to a reduction in exports through the UK Interconnector.

Bacton is flowing at 16mcm, Langeled at 21 mcm and further Norwegian flows through St Fergus are supporting the system.

LNG send out through South Hook is at 35mcm with no new tankers on the horizon.

Alex Guiot from the Optimisation Desk said: "Temperatures for the UK are back down towards seasonal normal levels and may dip off further into the weekend. The current forecast for the start of October see temperatures continuing to track seasonal normal levels at around 10°C."

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On the power system, wind generation has fallen to 3GW and is expected to continue dropping later today.

As a consequence, CCGT has picked up to 17GW, providing 50% of the power mix.

Mr Guiot added: "The French interconnector has recovered from some maintenance issues and is importing at 1GW with the Dutch interconnector also at 1GW, 100% of its capacity."

Brent oil is currently trading at $48.63/bbl (£37.4/bbl).

The pound is valued at €1.16.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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