Thursday 22 September 2016

Europe sees first MW scale fuel cell plant

Europe sees first MW scale fuel cell plant

Europe’s first megawatt-scale fuel cell power plant is now in operation.

The decentralised plant, jointly installed by E.ON and FuelCell Energy Solutions, will provide a virtually carbon free source of energy for the production processes of materials specialist FRIATEC.

With a capacity of 1.4MW, the plant means FRIATEC will be able to annually reduce its CO2 emissions by approximately 3,000 tonnes, the amount that would be expended powering 317 homes for a year.

The fuel cell power plant was installed in only nine months and is forecast to be operational for at least 10 years.

E.ON and FuelCell Energy Solutions have entered into a long term energy partnership to continue developing and providing high-performing clean fuel cell technology.

Chip Bottone, CEO of FuelCell Energy, said: “Together with E.ON, a leading supplier of energy solutions, we are able to implement fuel cell power plants with capacities in the multi-megawatt range. This partnership allows us to introduce our fuel cell power plants, which have already proven themselves in many locations around the world, into new markets.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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