Thursday 22 September 2016

ELN spend all day on backsides for good causes!

ELN spend all day on backsides for good causes!

Today the ELN team are decamping off to Essex to spend the day with friends from the energy sector on our backsides!

What's new I hear you cry?

Yes, forget Team GB, Team ELN are spending the day hoping to ride 1000km on bikes for two great causes. We are raising money for Parkinson's UK and for our own relief campaign Re-Energise Nepal.

The team will be riding a 2km circuit at the Redbridge Cycle centre and trying to complete a staggering 500 laps to reach our magic target! Several of our friends from the energy sector are coming along and if you are nearby and fancy popping by you'll be welcome.

Our aim is to raise as much as we can with a minimum of a pound per lap guaranteed by us at ELN.

There are lots of charity events but we hope our Power Ride bike challenges over the past three years, show the sector really cares about the world we are part of.

I'm particularly proud of our Nepal campaign.

[youtube url="" width="560" height="315"]


As you can see from the film above, we have already helped almost 200 families in Nepal and with your support we can do much more. Our chief reporter Pri came up with the idea and I'm really grateful to her family for co-ordinating the relief operation out there.

I know it's always difficult asking for donations but I do hope you can spare something for such a good cause.

My thanks to the sponsors BIU, British Gas, CNG, MEUC, Open Energi and TOTAL.

We will be reporting from the venue all day and be broadcasting live using Periscope so just log in to your twitter account and you can see us puffing away.

Wish us luck and here's to a great day for great causes!


Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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