Wednesday 14 September 2016

Eggborough proposes to build gas plant at existing coal station

Eggborough proposes to build gas plant at existing coal station

A consultation to develop a gas-fired power plant on the site of the existing coal-fired Eggborough facility has been launched.

The gas-fired power station would have an output of around 2,000MW, capable of generating enough electricity to power two million homes.

Eggborough Power Limited (EPL) said a new underground gas pipeline would be built to the north of the site to connect the power plant to the UK’s natural gas transmission network.

It would also be connected to the existing substation to allow power to be exported to the grid.

EPL is inviting views from local community and stakeholders on its proposals.

Adam Booth, Managing Director at EPL said: “Eggborough has been a significant player in the UK energy landscape for over 40 years and we are delighted to be moving forward with proposals which would ensure we continue to play a key role in both the local economy and in the security of electricity supplies nationally.

“Developing a new power station is a lengthy and complex process: right now we are at the early stages of that process and are looking forward to receiving views on our proposals.”

The UK Government wants coal off the system by 2025 and is encouraging new plants to be built.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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