Friday 9 September 2016

CO2 is ‘not causing climate change’, scientists insist

CO2 is ‘not causing climate change’, scientists insist


A group of scientists claim climate change is happening as a result of natural processes rather than the release of Carbon Dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

The 'New Dawn of Truth' climate change conference in London yesterday explored a number of alternative climate change narratives. Opinions differed as to whether the climate is changing and if so, how and why.

Piers Corbyn, Founder and Managing Director of WeatherAction LongRange forecasters told ELN: "The government loves it because it's the first time in the history of man that there has been a movement of people begging to pay taxes. Once it means the price of energy goes up then the oil companies rub their hands because they can sell at a higher price. It's based on falsity."

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The most popular theories during the debates included climate being affected by the movement of other planets and the sun, volcanoes both heating and cooling the atmosphere, knock-on effects of pressure systems fluctuating and ice coverage leading to temperature changes, rather than the other way around.

Geologist and geophysicist Nils-Axel Mörner claims the Earth is cooling rather than warming.

He added: "We shouldn't spend time, money and effort on something that isn't real. The horrors of burning fossil fuels and [emitting] CO2 itself, we will show that these two have very little, if any effect so this is not a horror. The earth itself is more of a horror."

Nearly all of the theories suggested although climate is undoubtedly changing, it is doing so as part of a natural cycle, insisting it is not headed anywhere catastrophic.

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The various scientists and campaigners spoke of a need to consolidate their ideas into a unified movement called 'Clexit'. Unlike its namesake, rather than leaving the EU, Clexit proposes a departure from mainstream climate change movements such as the Paris Agreement.

Many suggested there is no inherent problem with green energy but are wary of its cost. Roger Tattersall, alternative climate change blogger, said: "I have no objection to people researching alternative technology and clean methods of power generation, I'm all for it but what I'm against is the industrial roll-out of half baked technology where we are deceived about how much power it will produce."

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Bruna Pinhoni

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