Monday 18 July 2016

Scotland offers £3 million to boost wave energy

Scotland offers £3 million to boost wave energy

The Scottish government offers £3 million to projects which boost wave energy in Scotland.

Energy research body Wave Energy Scotland aims to research the suitability of alternative materials to use in the wave energy sector.

It is seeking project proposals for materials such as steel, elastomers and concretes.

Participants can win up to £250,000 per project of up to 12 months duration.

Scottish Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse said: “The Scottish Government recognises the continued progress Wave Energy Scotland is making towards their ultimate goal, which we very much share, of developing a commercially-ready wave energy converter.

“We recognise the great talent and wide range of expertise which exists beyond the wave energy sector and this call is designed to encourage the transfer of knowledge from other sectors. This approach gives Scotland the strongest possible opportunity to both overcome the current challenges facing the wave energy industry as an emerging technology, and to win the economic prize that will flow from being the global centre of excellence in what should become a technology of potentially great significance and commercial value”.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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