Thursday 7 July 2016

Shake your way to clean energy

Shake your way to clean energy


A new musical instrument that can create and store energy when shaken has been developed.

British Musician Sudha Kheterpal founded 'Shake Your Power', which is an initiative creating sources of clean energy through music.

The ex-Faithless percussionist told ELN: "We've developed a musical instrument called SPARK. It's a percussion shaker so when you play it, it converts the energy from playing it into electricity so you can create really effective lighting and you can also charge your mobile phone through a solar adapater.

"As SPARK is shaken, a magnet moves back and forth through a coil, generating power which is stored in a rechargeable battery."

Ms Kheterpal believes off-grid solutions are essential in poor countries where hundreds of millions of people have no reliable access to power.

She added SPARK could help replace kerosene lamps, which are dangerous and inefficient.

The project aims to distribute 1,000 SPARKs in off-grid regions in Africa before rolling out educational assembly kits to participating schools, where students will be responsible for putting their own unit together.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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