Monday 4 July 2016

UK solar sets new power generation record

UK solar sets new power generation record

The UK solar industry has set a new record in electricity generation.

Solar production peaked last month at 23.9% of power demand – a new record for the country, according to the Solar Trade Association (STA).

The UK now produces almost 12GW of solar energy, enough to power the equivalent of 3.8 million homes, it added.

Celebrating the sector's third Solar Independence Day today, the STA has launched an initiative to raise the bar in terms of operating and maintaining commercial solar panels. This is to make them safer, long lasting and more efficient.

Mark Turner, Chair of STA Operations & Maintenance said: “With this initiative we want to raise standards and establish best practice across the UK in solar PV operations and maintenance, making sure people are aware preventative action can avoid costly corrective action later. Solar PV plants have no moving parts but are power plants like any other and therefore safety has to be our primary concern.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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