Monday 4 July 2016

‘Great recognition’ to be Super Consultancy of the Year, says Make It Cheaper

‘Great recognition’ to be Super Consultancy of the Year, says Make It Cheaper


It is a “great recognition” to be crowned as the Super Consultancy of the Year.

Those were the words of Jonathan Elliot, CEO of Make It Cheaper, after the firm won the award at The Energy Live Consultancy Awards (TELCA) 2016 last week.

The event, which recognises the best TPIs and brokers in the country, took place at the Honourable Artillery Company showground in London.

Speaking to ELN during the ceremony he said: “We are really honoured to win the award. 'Why do we deserve it?' Well, Make It Cheaper is all about putting a smile on the face of Britain’s businesses. How we do that is by helping them save money and the money that they save they then spend on things that help their business grow and prosper and be better. Doing that makes us smile, doing that makes them smile.”

Mr Elliot believes TPIs are important in the energy sector because they “drive engagement” in the industry and the Code of Practice is needed "so TPIs can be trusted more".

He added: “I think they are recognised but I think we can do a better job through things like this to promote TPIs and help more people save more money and save more energy.”

The judges said Make It Cheaper stood out "not just for their facts, figures and ethos but amongst other things for their USP – a SMILE!"

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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