Monday 27 June 2016

US ‘to deploy 77GW of distributed renewables by 2025’

US ‘to deploy 77GW of distributed renewables by 2025’

The US is predicted to deploy 77.3GW of distributed renewables between 2016 and 2025.

Distributed energy (DE) is forecast to move from being a fringe supply to one of the main sources of energy in the US by 2025.

During the last decade, improvements in regulation and cost reductions have accelerated the growth of DE, according to Navigant Research.

Its report adds policies, in addition to utility strategy, affect the deployment of distributed renewables in the nation.

It states: "Tax credits that help reduce the upfront cost of the investment and renewables mandates that increase the value of the electricity produced by renewable sources will likely be phased out while policies like net metering may be altered to ensure that they reflect the true value of distributed renewables."

The deployment of distributed renewablesin the US is forecast to be "heavily concentrated" in a few states and the top 10 markets are expected to deploy 89% of new capacity.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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