Tuesday 3 May 2016

DONG Energy offers UK businesses green energy at ‘brown’ prices

DONG Energy offers UK businesses green energy at ‘brown’ prices

DONG Energy has announced new plans to encourage UK businesses to use clean energy sources.

It will offer them the opportunity to purchase renewable electricity at a subsidised rate by absorbing cost premiums to ensure that green energy prices are no higher than traditional "brown energy" sources.

The company will also cover additional costs to switching to green sources so firms can achieve their sustainability targets without commercial disadvantage.

The decision follows the government’s decision last year to scrap the Climate Change Levy exemption for companies which buy renewable energy.

Jeff Whittingham, Managing Director of DONG Energy Sales said: "We are taking this bold step because we believe that all businesses should have access to renewable electricity supply without paying a premium. If we are to embrace a truly sustainable energy future, we will need to take an integrated and forward-thinking approach to energy. One part of this is putting renewable electricity on an equal footing with traditional 'brown energy' sources."

"It is also a time when cost is key and the additional financial burden of buying renewable energy might be difficult for some companies to justify on a commercial basis. We are leading the way to make this move because we believe that by making this investment on behalf of UK companies, we can help to bring businesses one step closer to a sustainable energy future."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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