Tuesday 26 April 2016

‘European energy policy is fragmented’

‘European energy policy is fragmented’

The energy policy in Europe is fragmented.

That's according to Michael Lewis, CEO at E.ON Climate & Renewables who believes there is a "contradiction" in power policies among EU countries.

At the Clean Energy Summit in London today, Mr Lewis said nuclear is one of the sectors with "no coherence" in energy policies.

His comment comes as France is helping EDF finance the Hinkley nuclear power project and the UK Government has also guaranteed £2 billion of initial support while Germany is getting rid of nuclear.

Earlier this week it was revealed the final investment decision for Hinkley Point has been delayed until September.

Mr Lewis believes "a positive policy" framework in the EU is needed to boost the growth of renewables and reduce emissions from power plants.

He added: "The EU was a leader because there was coherence in policy... The EU needs to come together in the energy area."

He said the UK "mostly helped" with the growth of clean energy projects across the EU "until last year" when the government announced the elimination and reduction of financial support for solar, onshore and offshore wind.

However Mr Lewis, who claims his company has invested €12 billion (£9.2bn) in renewable projects in the last nine years, insisted fossil fuels should still be a part of the EU energy mix and policies like the Emissions Trading System is necessary to "drive down emissions".

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Bruna Pinhoni

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