Wednesday 20 April 2016

Mitsubishi admits falsifying fuel efficiency tests

Mitsubishi admits falsifying fuel efficiency tests

Mitsubishi Motors has admitted falsifying fuel consumption tests in more than 600,000 cars sold in Japan.

In a statement, the car manufacturer explains the testing method its vehicles used to show better fuel consumption rates was different from the one required by the Japanese law.

The vehicles affected are the models "eK Wagon", "eK Space", "Dayz" and "Dayz Roox", with the latter two supplied to Nissan.

The issue was investigated when Nissan found inconsistencies in 468,000 vehicles that Mitsubishi made for it.

Mitsubishi stated it is also conducting an investigation into products manufactured for the overseas market.

It added: "We have decided to stop production and sales of the applicable cars. NM [Nissan Motors] also has stopped sales of the applicable cars and MMC [Mitsubishi Motors Corporation] and NM will discuss compensation regarding this issue.

"In order to conduct an investigation into these issues objectively and thoroughly, we plan to set up a committee consisting of only external experts. We will publish the results of our investigation as soon as it is complete."

Last year Volkswagen admitted falsifying emissions tests.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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