Tuesday 12 April 2016

Ofgem launches survey on demand side response

Ofgem launches survey on demand side response

Ofgem has launched a survey about demand side response (DSR).

It will allow the regulator to better understand the barriers that may exist to industrial and commercial (I&C) consumers’ ability to provide the demand management scheme.

The survey, aimed at end users, looks at both demand-led DSR which consists of turning off or down processes to reduce the amount of power taken from the grid and generation-led DSR which works by consciously switching onto stand-by generation.

The regulator hopes to find out how to support more large I&C customers to provide DSR and clarify the role of agregators and their relationship with other electricity industry parties.

It stated: "Using DSR can support security of supply, contribute to sustainable development and make electricity more affordable. Many I&C customers engage in DSR via agregators – organisations that coordinate consumers’ flexibility (demand or generation) to offer it where it is needed.

"As part of our flexibility programme, we are finding out which areas might benefit from flexibility and how we can support this transition."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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