Thursday 7 April 2016

Netherlands to cut emissions from non-road combustion engines

Netherlands to cut emissions from non-road combustion engines

The Netherlands is to set new requirements to reduce emissions from engines installed in non-road mobile machinery.

The Dutch Government and European Parliament representatives have agreed on a draft document, with the rules applying to a variety of machines like chainsaws, crawler excavators and waterway vessels.

These engines are said to contribute significantly to air pollution mainly through nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions.

The provisional regulations seek to progressively reduce emissions from these kind of engines in the country and on the European market, ensuring the good functioning and strengthening of the internal market while protecting human health and the environment.

Sharon Dijksma, Dutch Minister for the Environment said: “EU air quality policy is one of the priorities of The Netherlands presidency. These new rules will make a significant contribution to the reduction of air pollution. On behalf of the Council, I commend the Parliament, the Commission and previous presidencies for their willingness to achieve this important agreement.”

The agreement is subject to confirmation by the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the Council.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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